Home delivery dishes

Week beginning 28th June 2020


Meals are for 2 people.

Mac N Cheese. £6.00


Pul Biber chili breaded chicken breast. £14.00

served with broad bean, yogurt and lemon humus, sweet potato wedges and crisp leaf salad.


Chicken, chorizo, pepper and sherry casserole. £15.00

Spinach pilau with toasted almonds.


Lamb kofta with bread beans, lemon and sumac. £16.00

served with basmati, served with labne, harissa and Dhaka.


Smoked mackerel croquettes £6.00 (5 balls)

served with green bean, rocket and caramelised fennel salad.

also good with beetroot dip on sides.


Lamb Nihari. £14.00

(Indian spiced lamb shoulder slow baked with yogurt and saffron)

served with basmati rice.

VEG/VEGAN £8.00 (serves one)

Risotto cake -Herb and pea risotto with goats cheese.

(served with a tomato sauce)


Charred Cauliflower steaks with tahini, harissa and yogurt dressing (ask for vegan if required).

served with freekeh, chickpea and tomato pilau.


Chargrilled sunshine vegetable with herb dip, pita and Hallumi. (optional)

Please drop us a line with any queries. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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