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Our produce is locally sourced, organic where possible and our meat comes from grass fed and outdoor reared animals in and around Suffolk. Visit our trusted pork farm to see just how passionate we are about the welfare of our meat. We buy fair trade products whenever possible and we get our fish from a sustainable fish monger. Breads and cheese are hand crafted and artisan.

Our Suppliers



Daryll has been suppling us since they were a small shop in Primrose Hill, and as we have grown and flourished they have too. supplying season fresh produce at its best with monthly market reports so we can develop our menus accordingly.

Daryll Kirby, New Covent Garden



Most of our meat comes from Knights farm in Suffolk/Essex borders. They work with local free range farms and work closely with us, giving us award winning meats to cook with. Dingly Dell pork, Dedham Vale beef, Creedy carver duck, Norfolk black chickens and turkey "best turkey ever" and traditional "old cured and dried" meats, made on the farm, keeping it locally made and British.



British premium meats are BRC Accredited AA. Beef and Lamb-accreditation no: EC UK2079 approved by the Islamic society for Cleveland meat co 786. Chicken: accreditation certified by Sharia Halal Board for IHP Ltd Herts.



Steve Hatt. A small local, ethical fish monger run by the same Familly for over 100 years. Based in N1 like us, Steve has been supplying us for over a decade. Amazing fresh fish perfect for sushi.



La Fromagerie, Our favourite small local artisan cheese supplier in N1 for specialist cheese.

Harvey and Brockless - A grade BRC accreditation. Suppliers of our daily dairy, olives, pickles and chocolate.



Essential, is a workers co-operative supplying our organic, GMO free, Fair trade dry store.

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