Iranian Hot Buffet

Cost based on 2 courses or 3 courses per head 


(Select 2 dishes)


Slow cooked lamb with saffron, dates, cumin and coriander

Griddled chicken brochettes with a herb, ginger and chili marinade, skewered with courgette ribbons

Honey, rose and saffron baked chicken breasts, with slow cooked vine tomatoes, and braised artichokes

Authentic chicken tagine with thighs, cooked with almonds, preserved lemon, tomato and cinnamon

Aromatic lamb patties with preserved orange, baby spinach, chilli and pine nuts, served with baba ganoush

Vegetarian option – stuffed peppers with dried fruit, fresh dill and capers

Vegetarian option - Butternut squash, chickpea and green beans in a fresh sauce tomato and saffron sauce

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