Iranian Hot Buffet

Cost based on 2 courses or 3 courses per head 


(Select 4 dishes)


Jewelled couscous salad with pistachio, herbs, preserved lemon and pomegranate

Persian rice salad, with toasted flaked almonds, herbs, green pistachio, pomegranate and roast peppers

Tabouleh with vine tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, lemon and fresh herb

Sticky paprika roast potatoes with smoked garlic, paprika and lemon, tossed with butterbeans and flat leaf parsley

Grilled aubergines with spiced sweet potato wedges, fresh mint, thick sheep’s yogurt, pomegranate molasses and toasted coriander and cumin seeds

Shredded celeriac with shaved fennel, lemon and mint dressing

Grated carrot and beetroot salad with chickpeas, orange and sesame dressing, currents and fresh coriander

Wild rocket with red baby chard, cucumber, chives and avocado, garnished with feta.


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