Family Style Dining

Cost based on 2 courses or 3 courses per head 


(Select 2/3 dishes)

Caramelized fennel, Kalamata olives, wild rocket, Griddled broccoli, lemon, chilli & garlic dressing

Couscous salad with sultanas, pine nuts and mint

Baby leaf salad with French vinaigrette

Heritage tomato salad with basil vinaigrette

Bulgar wheat, pomegranates, pistachios & preserved lemon

Quinoa with roast butternut squash, pomegranate molasses & fresh coriander

Authentic Greek salad

New potato salad with fresh dill, capers & a mustard & yoghurt dressing

Roasted peppers, chickpeas, harissa & sundried tomatoes

Coleslaw with shaved fennel & parsley

Green beans, sugar snap peas, orange & toasted almonds

Sautéed yellow & green courgettes, lemon & lovage vinaigrette

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